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About Us



An institute designed for the new millennium. The product of an academician's vision, to bring under one roof of the very best of academia and share quality learning with students hoping to make it to the PGEE. IAMS was established in 1999 with relevance to the medical students seeking admission in Postgraduate Program in India. Dr. Sukrit Sharma, director of IAMS has set the trend in this area. IAMS is a premiere institute in the concept of the need of PG Coaching Classes and is first of its kind in the country.

Erudite lectures in an interactive environment, complemented with incisive notes and review material which is designed in house and scientifically prepared and scripted by professional Academics. The emphasis at IAMS is not on tuitions but education instead.

IAMS is the only institute which is involved in total spectrum of coaching for medical course. The complete syllabus of the under graduate course (MBBS) shall be covered in a meticulous manner in the entire program: a true blend of the subjects, the analysis and complete coverage of the chapters, various types of test, query sessions, the discussions on thousands of MCQ's covering all aspects of the medicinal methodology. The entire curriculum has been very carefully planned and designed to ensure all the entrance examinations in India as well as abroad have set the trend with the Multiple Choice Question's pattern, the students are imparted specific and problem based learning as well. The focus is to make aware and emphasis on reinforcement of basic of the subject as well as on MCQ's. High ranking is only possible if the student has thorough knowledge of the fundamental of subject. Just attempting MCQ's without knowledge of the subject, a student can never score very high mark. IAMS evolved teaching methods not only prepare students to succeed in the PGEE but to face global challenges as well. Simply because we make their basics very strong as well as give them-in depth knowledge to adapt to any examination system.

We have a very energetic and service minded team to help and guide you in the right way. We have designed our course in such a way so that you can put your stress on us, become an expert and take on the exam in full confidence. Moreover, we are confident about the fact that we can train you to your best by giving you unlimited time to practice at your own pace under skilled supervision so that you can conquer the exam with ease.

We aim to provide a warm, healthy and friendly atmosphere from which everyone can study very effectively and achieve their goals in confidence. We also try to give maximum facilities for your preparations to fulfill your ambitions and benefit from the experience of living with people from all over the country.

We provide you with tailor-made programs that are exclusively designed in strict accordance with the project and the pattern of PG MD/MS Entrance Exam [INI-CET] + NEET PG papers, to be immensely beneficial and absolutely imperative for the aspirants to choose our course as the finest ever option in pursuit of their dreams.

Keeping abreast of the latest technological advances, we have implemented the usage of the sophisticated tools such as Overhead Projectors, Liquid Crystal Display, Video Conferencing, Evaluation Machines, Audio Visual Demonstration, amplifiers, microphones and speakers, Video Tapes, network databases, computers with well connected systems, IT awareness and implementation and other necessary support systems.