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Course Detail


  • From Renowned top faculties of IAMS
  • 10 DAY Program Fast Track Review all Subjects
  • Selective Selection of Most FAQs
  • Topics Handpicked from books commonly used in entrance examinations
  • Quick Revision of Entire MBBS Curriculum
  • Will Take Away all Your Worries of Last Minute Revision Edge
  • Provision of High Yield Notes

Course Detail

Surgery 1 day 12 hours
Medicine 1 day 12 hours
OBS GYNAE Paeds 10 hours
ENT OpthaL f med 10 hours
PSM Biochem 10 hours
Psychiatry Skin Anaesthesia 10 hours
Anat Physiology 10 hours
Pathology Radiology 12 hours
Micro & Surg Oncology 12 hours
Pharmacology 10 hours

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Full Course Fee: Only IAMSNEXT Registration needed.